The Anatomy of a Perfect eCommerce Store

Recently, we once again teamed up with leading Lancaster based digital marketing agency Digitaloft, to create an informative Infographic Design for their client NuBlue. NuBlue are a Lancaster based Web Hosting company who specialise in providing fast, dynamic and robust hosting solutions for all manner of websites, in particular, eCommerce websites. The theme for the Infographic Design was ‘The Anatomy of a Perfect eCommerce Store’.

We were tasked with the overall design whilst the the team at Digitaloft researched and wrote the content for the infographic. As part of their research and planning, they contacted several leading experts and online influencers for comments, including Bryan Adams, Neil Patel and John Rampton. Their feedback was included in the infographic to add context to the tips and advice offered.

According to the research undertaken by Digitaloft, getting the core conversion points of an eCommerce store right can significantly boost revenues and help turn shoppers into buyers. With the average eCommerce conversion rate being just 1.4%, marketers and online retailers have to ask themselves whether their category pages, product pages and checkout processes are right or whether design and structure changes could see a poor conversion rate improved.

The research and expert opinion showed that the perfect eCommerce store should combine:

  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Design
  • Trust & Security

Our Infographic Design guides the reader through the finer points and detail of creating better Category pages, Product pages and Login & Checkout processes. We created simple ‘wire frame’ example page designs in neutral colours, featuring all the important page elements clearly numbered and explained. To bring the overall design in line with NuBlue’s own in-house branding, we used their chosen font styles and core colours, whilst introducing additional bold colours to define each section of the Infographic Design.

Our Anatomy of a Perfect eCommerce Store Infographic Design proved a fantastic piece of shareable content. Digitaloft’s outreach campaign gained fantastic coverage for NuBlue, being featured on:

The Anatomy of a Perfect eCommerce Store [Infographic]

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