System Prefs Shortcut Tip for Mac OS X

All recent Apple computer keyboards feature a row of dedicated media keys on the top row of the keyboard. These allow you to quickly and easily access functions such as Dashboard and Exposé, adjust screen brightness and the volume level, and control music and movie playback.

The Apple Mac OS X design allows for some neat shortcuts

Within Mac OS X, each of these functions has a preference/settings pane within ‘System Preferences’. To access these settings quickly, simply hold the ‘alt’ key (or option key to you old skool Mac users) and press the desired dedicated function key.

As an example hold ‘alt’ and press ‘Dashboard/F4’ and you’ll be taken directly to the Exposé and Spaces preferences pane. This neat little shortcut works in both OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard and OSX 10.7 Lion.