Infographic Design

We often work in partnership with other creative agencies, public relations companies and digital marketing firms. When leading north west digital agency Digitaloft asked for our help with an Infographic Design, we were delighted to bring our skills to the project team., established in 2006, is a five-star gold trusted merchant and online bedding retailer, selling everything from pillows, duvets and memory foam mattress toppers to electric blankets. The team at Digitaloft contacted a number of sleep experts and collated the research, tips and statistics for the content of the infographic. Quentin James Design was tasked with designing an eye-catching and informative infographic for already had a well established brand identity design so it made sense to retain this look wherever possible. We kept the colour palate for the infographic design tight and in line with their existing branding. Simple, bold graphics were employed to reinforce the advice offered in the piece. Stylish photography was used within the design to showcase the quality of the products that the client sells and the lifestyles that they promote.

The infographic design was created over the course of a couple of days and we finalised the design on time and on budget. Throughout the design process, we were in regular contact with the team at Digitaloft, refining the finer details of the infographic up until the project was concluded.

Once completed, Digitaloft used this original, high quality linkable asset as part of their campaign to gain high quality backlinks for as part of their ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts and long term content marketing strategy.

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