QR Code Readers

We had a great reaction to our last blog post, which if you haven’t yet read it, was all about QR (Quick Response) codes. In case you too now want to explore these funny, square barcodes we thought we’d tell you how.

You need a smartphone or tablet with internet conectivity. Your device must have a camera, almost all of these devices have one, sometimes two. The smartphone or tablet can be Apple (iOS) or Blackberry (Blackberry OS) flavoured, a Nokia (Symbian) or Android based device, or even one of the new Windows Phone 7 variety.

Next you’ll need to access the ‘App Store’ for your phone/device. If your using an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then simply visit the Apple App Store. Android smartphones and tablets can connect to the Android ‘Market’, while Nokia has ‘Ovi’, Blackberry offers ‘App World’, with Windows Phone 7 having their ‘Marketplace’.

Download a QR code reader app to your device. Our favourite QR code reader is TapMedia’s ‘QR Reader’. It’s fast, effective and free! It scans in real time and allows you to share your discoveries via email, facebook and twitter. Additionally the app allows you to save your discoveries and even create your own QR codes and business card QR codes.

You may already have a QR code reader but just don’t realise. For example, recent versions of the eBay Mobile app feature a barcode reader capable of scanning QR Codes.

Apps such as ‘RedLaser’, which allows you to scan barcodes and then compare prices online, will also scan QR codes.

Find a QR code and scan it! You can now find QR codes in more and more places from billboards to business cards, magazines and TV shows, even on bottles of English Cider! If you can’t wait to find some to try out, just visit our contact page or try the QR codes below and you’ll see one fun use of a QR code and one practical use.

Web Design Preston YouTube QR Code Virtual Business Card Design with QR Codes

Create your own QR codes! As we mentioned in Step 3, some QR code reader apps can also create QR codes. Alternatively there are several web based code generators which can create different types of QR codes at varying sizes for a range of end uses. A few of our favourites include:

Whilst generating and implementing QR codes isn’t difficult, there are some  highly effective strategies which can be employed. If you’d like to know more, then talk to us about your current or future marketing plans and we’ll explain how QR codes can be used most effectively as part of your overall strategy.