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Lorem Ipsum Reimagined

Graphic Designers and Website Designers often create page layouts and mock up designs, for client discussions and as part of the overall design process. In creating these mock up designs, we often use placeholder text to help give clients a better idea of what a layout might look like when populated with paragraphs of text. Typically, designers would use Lorem Ipsum for this purpose.

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla quis mauris est. Maecenas leo nulla, lobortis at metus eu, volutpat laoreet neque. Maecenas velit leo, pretium ut arcu at, accumsan ullamcorper metus. Aliquam placerat sodales ipsum in mollis. Fusce quam diam, vestibulum id ultricies in, scelerisque in dui.”

Lorem Ipsum is simply latin text taken from a 1st century BC text written by Cicero, which is then jumbled up with words altered, added, and removed to make it nonsensical, faux Latin. Visually, Lorem Ipsum is a very good representation of what ‘real copy’ looks like when placed in columns or paragraphs on a page.

There are numerous modern variations of this famous faux latin filler text including Zombie Ipsum, Bacon Ipsum and Cupcake Ipsum to name but a few. Being proud of our Lancashire roots we decided to create our own version of Lorem Ipsum – Lancashire Ipsum.

Lancashire Ipsum is made up of spoken word colloquialisms which originate from the local dialect of the county of Lancashire

Introducing Lancashire Ipsum

Lancashire Ipsum is made up of spoken word colloquialisms which originate from the local dialect of the county of Lancashire, and the people who inhabit its many vibrant towns, cities and villages. Thanks to Quentin James Design, Lancashire Ipsum has been developed to be used in the design, publishing and creative sectors, both in Lancashire and beyond.

“Lancashire ipsum dolor amet gobbiner prayto ow do, wesher tek thrutch git ginnel sneck noan reych arn eawr getten. Mi’sen tawk arse oer tit way’er, waggin thowt arse uppards punt britchies reych cap’t crusses fotch bicker oin. Gobbinland arrers mi’sel, e’en whoam feesh praytus skroikes lish segs sirloin clay ow corrans.”

Commenting on the creation of the new Lancashire Ipsum generator, founder of Quentin James Design and lead designer Quentin said: “We’re proud to be Lancastrians and we’re proud to be a successful Lancashire based business. With Lancashire Day being celebrated later this week, on Sunday November 27th, we thought what better time to launch our FREE service for the creative sector in the county and beyond.”

FREE Filler Text Generator

Lancashire Ipsum is FREE for anyone and everyone to use and can be found at

The Lancashire Ipsum Twitter account, which can be found at (@LancashireIpsum) provides daily ‘translations’ of each of the words and phrases used in the placeholder text, just in case anyone not familiar with our Lancashire dialect needs some assistance in understanding us proud Lancastrians.

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