Improve your Google-fu

We all need help finding things from time to time, especially when we’re looking for things on the web. For most of us, Google is our first port of call when searching online. Currently Google answers over 400 million queries per day but sometimes sifting through the answers can be time consuming.

In this blog post we’ll highlight a few simple techniques that can help you to streamline the search process and improve your Google-fu.

Improve your Google-fu with Quentin James Design, Preston

Few Google users know that adding a + (plus) sign before a word in your search forces Google to return results, where only websites that feature that particular word are shown. For example searching for ‘+Quentin Web Design Preston‘ will only show results that feature the word ‘Quentin’. Conversely adding a – (minus) sign before a word in your search excludes that particular word from the results.

Wrapping your search phrase in “” (double quotation marks) will only show results with the entire search phrase in that specific order. As an example a search for “Quentin James Graphic Design” will only return results for web pages with this exact attribute.

Inserting an * (asterisk) into a search will fill in the blanks, so in the search ‘Quentin * Website Design Preston‘, the results will show web pages for ‘Quentin James Website Design Preston’.

To search just one particular site, for example this one, simply type your search phrase, in this case ‘website design preston’, followed by ‘’. You can see the results by following the link ‘website design preston‘.

To improve your Google-fu further and for additional information on these tips for searching and even more advanced search techniques, visit the Google Support pages.