Are ‘Chirps’ Audible QR Codes?

We love QR codes, those funny, square bar codes which link the offline world to the online world. Now, London based Animal Systems, a creative technology company have taken this principle but instead of using a visual code, they’ve designed an audible code – or as they call it a ‘Chirp’.

Chirp uses an ‘electronic birdsong’ to transmit and share things over the air. Using a smartphone app you can generate and share ‘chirps’ with other people who also use the app. Users can embed URLs into the chirps which can be used to share photos or links to other websites.


The app and the technology is brand new, and currently limited to iOS devices, however if the designers can port the app to other platforms (Android, Blackberry, etc.), then maybe it will gain a larger user base and some much needed traction.

Throw in the ability to record and export user generated chirps as mp3 files and we can see a bright future ahead for this ground breaking technology. Just as QR codes are included in TV shows, newspaper and magazine advertising, poster designs, business cards and billboards, Chirps could be added to radio commercials, linking the offline world to the online, much the same as QR codes do.

For more details, visit the Chirp website at Download the Chirp iOS app from iTunes at