ABACUS Guides Industry Report Design

Supporting Complimentary Creative Agencies

We provide graphic design services to all manner of clients, including other businesses in the creative sector, including Public Relations Agencies and Digital Agencies. In September 2016, Knutsford based public relations agency, Solus PR asked us if we’d be happy to get involved with the ABACUS Project. The authors of the ABACUS Guides required an Industry Report Design in order to complete and then publish their work. Having worked with Solus PR for well over a decade, we were delighted to support them and their client with our graphic design expertise.

The ABACUS Project (innovAtive Business models and design Approaches for extending the in- serviCe battery life of fUture low carbon vehicleS) was set up to provide guidance and information for the extension of the in-service use of EV batteries, ensuring economic feasibility and environmental sustainability.

The ABACUS Project was backed by Jaguar, Land Rover, Potenza, Catapult High Value Manufacturing, WMG Innovative Solutions, G&P Batteries and the project was funded by Innovate UK.

The feedback from the report authors ranged from “They look fabulous!!!”, to “Brilliant!” and “Very professional job”.

Professional Industry Report Design

The ABACUS Guides consisted of 14 separate sections which were to each be standalone documents. All 14 parts were then to be combined to create a complete compendium document. We were given the final copy in fourteen separate sections and were asked to create a flexible page layouts for the industry report design and an ABACUS Guide cover design. The ABACUS Guide documents contained text, charts, tables, graphs and diagrams totalling some 120 pages. Our solution was a flexible three column layout which would allow for the varying content to flow across one, two or all three columns, as the content dictated, on a page by page basis.

Ultimately we delivered fifteen high resolution digital PDF copies of the ABACUS Guides. These included the fourteen individual section documents and one complete compendium document. Additionally, we supplied a handful of digitally printed and bound copies of the complete compendium document. The feedback from the report authors ranged from “They look fabulous!!!”, to “Brilliant!” and “Very professional job”. The printed and bound reports were delivered on budget and on time, to coincide with the final meeting of the report authors, prior to publication.

ABACUS Guides Industry Report Design