20 Questions

Find out if we're a good fit with these FAQ's

1 What services can you provide?

We offer the following specialist services:

  • Logo & Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Print
  • Website Design
  • Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Digital Video
  • Social Media

2 How will you create a successful new Logo & Identity for our business?

Together we will collaborate to design a uniquely crafted logo which reflects your business, values and character. Our typical approach is to research your business, industry and competitors then create several different concepts from which the final design will be developed. We can also help you with an overall branding strategy including business and/or product naming. Once the logo design project is complete, you will wholly own your new logo and retain full copyright. We will supply your new logo to you in a range of digital formats, allowing it to be applied to a variety of media from business cards to billboards.

3 What is your approach to Web Design?

Many other design agencies build websites using their own proprietary systems which essentially ties you in with that agency for the life of your website. We build all of our website designs using common, open source, responsive infrastructures like WordPress and Bootstrap. Using open source systems gives you ‘supplier independence’, meaning you are not tied to Quentin James Design, you are free to take your website to any reputable designer/developer for future changes and/or upgrades, should you choose to. Supplier independence and transparency is at the core of what we do at Quentin James Design – we want you to trust us and enjoy working with us, as we help you to grow your new website and user base.

4 Why should we use you for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service?

We can provide a high quality, expert SEO service which uses only ethical, ‘white hat’ techniques that fall within Google’s own guidelines. We never utilise so-called ‘black hat’ methods that can attract severe penalties from Google and heavily impact on your search engine rankings. We will supply monthly reports showing your position on major search engines and details of what steps we have taken to maintain or improve your search engine results. We can offer Search Engine Optimisation as a standalone service or as part of a new website design project.

5 Do you design for Print?

Whilst many agencies are now digital only, we know there is still real demand for professionally designed and printed marketing materials and we appreciate the role it plays in promoting businesses and ideas. It’s visual and tactile impact are understood at Quentin James Design and we know how to use the medium to get the best from it. This is a dying art for many agencies, but we have over 21 years of pre-press experience and our print suppliers highly rate our meticulous press-ready artwork.

6 Can you help us with our Social Media Marketing?

We believe that your social media marketing should be primarily handled in-house so that it remains authentic. If you’re unsure how to get the most from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, then we run regular ‘Social Media for Business’ workshops. The workshops can run for a full day or can be tailored to suit your business requirements. If you have an event, or campaign, where your in-house social media team needs another pair of hands, then we can absolutely help to augment your own staff.

7 What clients have you done work for?

We have worked successfully with hundreds of clients during our 21 year history. Some of our recent client work can be found here.

8 Do you have experience of working for clients in our industry/sector?

In our twenty one year history, the chances are we have worked for a client in a similar industry/sector to yours and more importantly, we can transfer our knowledge and experience from solving their design needs and apply them to finding the right solution for you. Some examples of industries and sectors we have worked with include: Agriculture, Automotive, Charities, Civil Engineering, Construction, Finance, Healthcare, Health & Beauty, Manufacturing, Motorsport, Pharmaceutical, Restaurant & Hospitality, Retail and Social Enterprise. However, if you produce dog treats, pet food or super comfy dog beds, please call now.

9 What are the key benefits of working with Quentin James Design?

There are no delays in waiting for responses from someone higher up the hierarchy. You will deal direct with the designer and decision maker and be assured of our specialist, focused attention. Where necessary, we can call upon a network of trusted suppliers to provide expertise on non-design solutions.

10 As a small agency, can you handle our needs?

We have a satisfied client list ranging from large FTSE 250 clients to sole traders and brand new start-ups. We provide design expertise to national, international and overseas clients as well as many local independent businesses. Several of our current clients have multi-million pound annual turnovers so we can cope with almost anything that you can throw at us. We will be honest about whether we have capacity for the job before accepting it and realistic about timescales so that everyone is kept in the picture. We don’t sub-contract our design work so you will always get our hands-on expertise. Our client base is a satisfied and happy one and we are confident of good word of mouth.

11 What do you charge?

We base our prices on the amount of hours we estimate the project will require. In order to provide an accurate estimate, we need to briefly discuss the project with you, the level of detail involved and any specialist technical requirements. We recommend the best way to start the process is to call us on 01772 685 977 or send an email to hello@quentinjamesdesign.co.uk, and we’ll ask you a few short questions.

12 Can you do it cheaper?

No. We’re not interested in a race to the bottom on price. We offer a fair and competitive price for the high level of design skills, work and experience that we provide.

13 How long will it take you to complete my project?

Every project is unique and requires different levels of design and technical input depending on the scope of the brief. Projects that involve a number of different design disciplines such as web design, photography and print design will usually take longer than a project involving a single design discipline. In order to give you a realistic estimate, we need to briefly discuss the project with you, the level of detail involved and any specialist technical requirements. We recommend the best way to start the process is to call us on 01772 685 977 or send an email to hello@quentinjamesdesign.co.uk, and we’ll ask you a few short questions.

14 Who will actually do the work on my project?

Unlike other firms, we can guarantee continuity of design, providing a dedicated resource for your project enabling you to really build a strong relationship with your designer. Bigger agencies rely on Account Executives to deal with clients, meaning you are always at least one step removed from the design process. At Quentin James Design you deal direct with the designer so that you have immediate access and clear communication throughout the project. This allows us to build a personal rapport with you and really get to know your business. Keeping it small means we can get on with doing the work we love.

15 We’re asking a dozen design agencies for proposals, would you like to be one of them?

We want to work with clients who want to work with us, so we wouldn’t usually participate in a wide ranging tender process. Producing good quality proposals takes time and is not always an effective way of finding the best fit for your project. It also diverts our resources unnecessarily, when usually a quick email or phone call will determine whether we are the right design agency for you. But we never say never so please feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss your project.

16 Do you pitch for new business?

Generally, no. We want to work with clients who want to work with us and who recognise that good design takes time and ideas are valuable. We recommend you view our portfolio, read some of our client testimonials and if you think we might be a good fit for your business, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss your project.

17 What makes a perfect client?

A perfect client is someone who values creativity, thrives on collaboration, and most of all recognises and appreciates great design. We believe that good design is simply good business and we enjoy working with clients who agree with this and value what we do. Together we can use good design to make your business grow and be more successful.

18 Where are you located?

Kirkham, near Preston in Lancashire. We are a 10 minute drive from Preston City Centre, or a 5 minute walk from Kirkham Railway Station and finding us is really easy. We’re approachable, friendly and we’d love to hear about your business and any design and marketing requirements that you may have. Whether you’d like a FREE, no obligation consultation or just a quick chat, please get in touch or make an appointment to call in for a brew and get to know us better.

19 Are you hiring?

Sorry, there are no vacancies right now.

20 Who is Quentin James?

Founder and lead designer Quentin studied design for five years at the internationally renowned Blackpool and the Fylde College and gained a BTEC National Diploma in Design (Graphic) and later a BA (Hons) Degree in Design (Graphic). Following his studies, and after an internship for a large agency at the forefront of commercial website design in San Francisco, Quentin returned to the UK and began freelancing for a number of local agencies in North West Lancashire. This ultimately led to the creation of Quentin James Design in 1998. Quentin is passionate about design, motorsport, football and scruffy dogs. Accompanying Quentin in the studio are his ever faithful canine companions Dora and Tilly. The little Tibetan Terriers can often be heard snoring under a desk while fast asleep or barking at the postman. To learn more about Quentin, you can read a short interview with him here.